Terms and Conditions

At Boss Vehicle Hire we strive to ensure that all our customers needs are met. With that being said we have to secure our interests especially with the high rate of fraud prevalent. Our terms and conditions of rental are as follows :

Requirements for hire:
ID & Drivers Licence
Latest salary advice or Bank Statement
Latest  Utility bill
Refundable deposit.
Cash and Credit and Debit cards accepted

Terms and Conditions of Hire

  • A once off admin fee of R80-00 will be charged on all hires.
  • A Car Wash fee of R50-00 will be charged (if applicable)
  • Excess mileage rate per kilometer after your free kms are used will be charged
  • A delivery and collection fee will be quoted should you require the vehicle delivered or collected from you.
  • All vehicles are supplied with a FULL tank of fuel. It is your obligation to return the vehicle with a FULL tank of fuel at your own cost.
  • If you do not return the vehicle at the stipulated date and time on your accepted quote you will be billed for the extra time.
  • Quotations are valid for 7 days only.
  • All web bookings are treated as Requests for Quotation – we will forward you an official quote with all the charges via email.
  • Web bookings are NOT confirmed reservations.
  • Web prices are indicative prices and are NOT the final price applicable. The proper prices will be quoted via email
  • A minimum insurance excess fee of R10000 (ten thousand rands) or 10% of the claim is applicable in the event of an accident / theft / etc (subject to insurance terms and conditions – available on request)
  • Traffic Fine – R200 documentation fee is applicable per fine if you a liable
  • You are liable for any damage to vehicle eg. Clutch, gearbox, engine, etc
  • A charge of unlawful use will be opened at the SAPS if the vehicle is not returned on the stipulated date of agreement, unless a written extension agreement is made by us and extra deposit paid.
  • A minimum fine of R5000 (five thousand rand) shall be imposed for tampering with speedometer/odometer or any other part of the vehicle. Eg. Swop battery, tyre, starter, etc
  • Damage to suspension/undercarriage will be checked within 96 hours and you will be notified of any damage expenses that you may be liable to pay
  • As soon as you hire the vehicle the onus is on you to recheck the vehicle – if not satisfied return the vehicle with driving the vehicle under 10kms
  • Puncture – Costs to replace/repair tyre and rim, if damaged will be for your account.
  • A full driving report may be requested from Boss Hiring Services CC at a minimum charge of R500.
  • Should the car need repairs, due to damage by you the hirer, and we are unable to hire out the car due to the damaged caused by you, you will be liable for loss of rental for those days
  • All payments to be made immediately – STRICTLY NO ACCOUNTS
  • You will be charged for fraud for falsifying information. Eg wrong address,etc
  • Always refuel at recognised filling stations and NOT a white/unbranded station
  • All vehicles are monitored – eg. Wear and tear and speed. You will be fined by Boss Hiring Services CC for reckless driving and speeding.
  • Minor damage (i.e below excess amount) you will be liable for the TOTAL cost
  • No carrying of illegal items. Eg. Unlicensed weapons, drugs and illegal goods, cigarettes, etc
  • No overloading of vehicles
  • Any licence obtained less than 36 months prior to hire will be liable for an additional charge.
  • The licence presented to Boss Hiring Services CC is the only driver allowed to drive the vehicle. If any other person is found driving the vehicle you will be fined R2000 and will be liable for any damages to the vehicle (no insurance cover)
  • Should the vehicle be broken into you will be liable for any loss or damage sustained
  • Should the vehicle be stolen / hijacked we must be notified immediately and you will be liable for excess.
  • All drivers must obey the traffic laws of the Republic of South Africa
  • You will be billed a minimum of R4000 for lost of the vehicle keys
  • You will be charged for any mobile calls made to you
  • Should the vehicle need to be towed whilst in your possession you will be liable for any towing charges. No towing without our permission
  • You may only use the vehicle within the borders of the Republic of South Africa. Written permission will be required from us should you wish to cross the border. A cross-border admin fee of R1000 will be charged to you.
  • You will receive your refund after a minimum of 4 (four) working days after the return of the vehicle. Weekends not included
  • You and the company will be listed with the credit bureau due to non payment
  • An administration fee of R1000 for documentation will be charged in the event of an accident
  • If handed over to an attorney you will be liable for all legal fees
  • The renter and every person whose signature appears on the rental contract shall be liable jointly and severally for all amounts due to Boss Hiring Services CC in terms of or pursuant to the rental agreement
  • Age and Licence (ALL VEHICLES EXCLUDING TRANSPORTERS) – whilst the vehicle is driven by any person under 25 years of age or over 75 years of age or any person holding a licence of less than 2 years or holds a learners licence the following applies :
    1. Additional 5% of gross claim – minimum of R1000
    2. Transporters  – additional 10% of gross claim – minimum of R1000
  • Damages to the windscreen of any passenger glass where no other damage has been caused to the vehicle will be 20% of the claim – minimum R1000
  • Due to bad roads and pot holes please drive carefully – you will be liable for any balancing and alignment costs
  • All prices exclude VAT
  • In the event of any litigation you agree to pay all legal fees and agree to the jurisdiction of the magistrates court
  • A full list of terms and conditions will be provided to you upon collection of the vehicle